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Shannon Spears Wellness

Helping you take back control of your health & lifestyle

Ready for a down to earth chat about your needs and how I can help you meet your goals?

Let’s schedule a Free 20 minute Discovery Call with me to discuss where you are at with your health and lifestyle and talk about how we can work together towards better health for you. 

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This is my private FB group. It’s a collection of absolutely free resources, trainings, and basic coaching.  In my FB group, you will find a mix of articles, videos, recipes & downloadable worksheets to help you get started on the road to better health  

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Want a quick review of where you can make some immediate changes in your daily food & lifestyle habits? Then my one-time 90-minute Food & Lifestyle Review session would be a great choice for you.

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Ready to take a deep look and find the root cause of your health issues? Struggling with Thyroid/Adrenal issues? Diabetes? Weight issues? Chronic illness or other health issues? Prefer to work with me in a 1:1 setting?

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions in 3-6 month time frames. We dig deep, buckle down and get to the bottom of what’s going on, put together a plan to get your health back on track, and implement changes in manageable steps.

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**If you have not set up a FREE 20-minute Discovery Session with me yet…you will be prompted to do so before committing to any of my packages. (or you can go back to the tab above to set it up wink)

Ready to take the first steps to renew your health but aren’t quite sure you want 1:1 coaching yet? Then this Virtual Group Coaching program is for you! 

Here we start with the basic foundational & essential health principles everyone should have and build upon when looking to take back control of their health.  

Stay Tuned…Launching June 2020!

An empathic & heartfelt approach to helping you regain control of your health & lifestyle

 Helping you set attainable and sustainable goals for you to reach your goals & continue on a road to lifelong health.

Help you put together the foundational pieces of your health.

There are 8 important pieces to your health. Whole Foods, Safe Movement, Sleep, Stress Perception, Fun, Addressing Trauma, Spirituality & Environment.

Help you dig deep and find the root cause to health issues.

You can chase symptoms all day long, but if you don’t take time to dig deep and find the root cause of those symptoms, you will never break the cycle and experience true health. 

Guide you in the direction that's right for YOU as an individual.

When it comes to looking at health from a holistic perspective, we know that everyone is an individual and has different individual needs. Finding lifelong optimal health is figuring out what your individual needs are. 


Give you Education, Resources & Support

Education helps you understand WHY. Resources help you decide HOW. Support gives you the Accountability needed to take ACTION  & push you forward in reaching your goals with confidence.

Not every coach is perfect for every person. Let’s take a moment to see if we are a good match before we go any further. 

I have two main sticking points when it comes to choosing my clients:


Being ‘coachable’ is so important for EVERYONE, especially if you are considering hiring a coach. Trust me, I have had several past clients who just aren’t ready to put the work in to change their health and are ‘un-coachable’. I choose to only work with people willing to learn, work hard, grow & take active steps to change their health.


Are you willing to work at a purposeful pace and simply ‘be’ outside of your comfort zone while you grow in order to see the changes you need?

Shannon is the kind of Health Coach that you can instantly trust and feel comfortable around. She is patient and hears you out completely, before giving you simple, actionable suggestions that are sure to make your journey towards a healthier “you” into a pleasant experience! She is definitely my ‘go-to’ person for health-solutions! Her kindness and compassion deserve “healthy” applause!


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