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As truck drivers, you are the backbone of our country.

You spend a large amount of time on the road away from family and friends.

Your health tends to suffer due to long hours driving, lack of proper sleep, and unhealthy food choices along with daily stressors.

You give up enough in your life, pursuing your career making sure everyone else gets what they need across the country.

It’s time for you to let someone help you “take the wheel” in your health journey and focus on what you need for better health and lifestyle choices moving forward.

Healthy Grab-n-Go Choices for Truckers [FREEBIE!]

Do you find yourself struggling with the habit of unhealthy quick snack or fast-food choices while you are on the road? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small guide at your fingertips to refer to and help you learn how to make healthier grab-n-go choices?

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As a truck driver you spend many hours on the road. Between the FMSCA regulations on your hours to drive and the delivery schedules set for you, healthy food choices many times end up taking a back seat and your health ultimately suffers. 

With my education, guidance, and support through 3 online modules in this mini course for truckers, you will learn how to make the most of your time and eat healthier while on the road with the following:

All modules include text and audio for easy listening on the road!

…with TWO bonuses!

Bonus One

Access to over 100 of my favorite recipes that cover Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, and drinks.

Bonus Two

45-minute personal session with me to answer any questions and help you with planning.

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Enroll now! Program starts Monday, April 25th, 2022!

The unhealthy lifestyle and high stress atmosphere of the trucking industry frequently leads truck drivers to struggle with their health in multiple ways. As the wife of a 20-year truck driver, I understand firsthand the struggles you go through. My goal is to help truck drivers achieve optimal health again and take back control of their health with my coaching services.

This 12-week online group coaching program was developed to educate and support truck drivers in making active changes in their lifestyle on the road and at home.  

Custom Levels of Support

You will receive education in the following areas during the 12 weeks via my online modules:

As you go through these modules you will fully understand how your physical health is affected when these are out of balance in your daily life and make the connections with your lifestyle decisions and symptoms you are experiencing.

Additional Support

You will have access to:

  • Prep work/module for you to complete while you wait for the program to start on April 25th
  • Downloadable workbook to help keep you on track through the 12 weeks
  • Multiple other downloadable content to help you in moving forward

You will receive support via:

  • Weekly online 60-90 min LIVE support sessions via Zoom (group format)
  • Access to my private Facebook support group where you can ask questions, post your achievements/struggles and get support throughout the week outside of the LIVE sessions
  • Two 30-minute private online sessions with me to help you create and take action on your goals

Don’t let your unhealthy lifestyle & habits control you anymore! You absolutely can improve your health and live a thriving life again without worries that you may not pass your next DOT physical or end up in the hospital on the road or worse. Let me help you get started on your road to optimal health and achieve your goals!

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